KC Star editorial points to bad policy and tough fiscal spot

“Conservatives in the Kansas Legislature this weekend took advantage of a serious problem — inequities in public school funding — to attack teachers and create new problems.
In a deplorable sneak attack, Senate leadership and allies in the House tied the elimination of due process for teachers to crucial elements of school funding. That issue hadn’t been dealt with in the normal committee process. Conservatives rammed it through without caring whether lawmakers were fully informed of the consequences. . .
Kansas is in a hole without a ladder. Other states are using rising revenues to restore money cut from schools and universities and to care for their citizens and brick-and-mortar assets. They are making investments known to boost economic development and quality of life.
Kansas can’t do that. It ended 2013 with less revenue than the year before. Barring a dramatic change in fortune, the state is looking at a bleak future.”

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2014/04/06/4941585/much-ballyhooed-tax-cuts-leave.html#storylink=cpy

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