Koch Family’s Latest Attack on KS Public Schools

Last week we shared a story about how the Kochs are attacking public education. Our experience shows us that the “education reform” the Kochs advocate has a lot more to do with minimizing the funding of public education than with actually helping students succeed. From the Washington Post, “Leaders of the network dreamed of disrupting the status quo, customizing learning and breaking the teacher unions. One initial priority is expanding educational saving accounts and developing technologies that would let parents pick and choose private classes or tutors for their kids the same way people shop on Amazon. They envision making it easy for families to join together to start their own ‘micro-schools’ as a new alternative to the public system.

Today, we saw we won’t have to wait long to see a new example of this effort in Kansas. The front page of the Wichita Eagle had a story about how Chase and Annie Koch, the son and daughter-in-law of Charles Koch, and Zach Lahn, former AFP fundraiser and state director, are planning to open a private school in Wichita. We wonder if they plan to use tax credit scholarships for their school and the school isn’t equipped to handle students with special needs.
“Tuition for elementary age children is $10,000 a year, Lahn said. Families with preschoolers in Wonder One will pay about $6,500 a year…

“The school plans to eventually offer financial aid options and scholarships but won’t have those in place for the launch this fall, Lahn said. Similarly the school is ‘not equipped’ currently to handle children with special needs, he said.”

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